General Office Cleaning
Main Rooms, Offices, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hallways, Workspaces, Floors

Carpet and Floor Cleaning
All Carpets, Tile, Marble, Wood, and Glass

Windows and Blinds; Inside and Outside
Tall, Wide, Short, or Thin

Floor Stripping
Stripping and Waxing when necessary

Dusting Clean to the Touch
Cleaning of all monitors, phones, and more
Vacuuming or Dust mopping of Floors and Corners

Sparking Clean Sinks, Toilets, Urinals, and Floors.  
Trash Emptied and Left Debree Free!
Refilling of Recepticals!  
No Odors left behind, just a fresh scent.

Cleaning of all Tables, Countertops, Sinks, and Floors. 
Trash Emptied and Left Debree Free!

Additional Services Upon Request:
Available Upon Request